Where does BTS live now? Get to know more about their residency

BTS has a famous home, do you want to know more about the place where they live? This is the big idol's house

Bangtan Sonyeondan's members lived together even before their debut, when they were still trainees for BigHit Entertainment they used to share the same rooms. But now that they're very famous, the idols can afford a better place to live.

Since BTS members needed more space and privacy, each one of them has a unique department on a big building known as The Hills, which is located in Hannam, Yongsan Gu, Seoul. This place is pretty near to Han River, and it's also named UN Village.
The Hills is estimated to cost around $6.53 million dollars, but it's a safe, clean and exclusive place to live, that's why Bangtan Boys get to reside in this amazing building. Each BTS' member has his own apartment in this luxury housing complex.

How is the BTS house on the inside?

The apartments on UN Village are pretty big, every member from BTS has a lot of space for their own, even Jimin and J-Hope are roommates, and they have a good room for each one; also, the exclusive building where these idols live, has pools, parks and more recreation areas where the idols can have some rest, peace and fun.

It's well known that some members of BTS have other properties in different places of Korea, but they decided to live together in Seoul, so they can be near to each other, and they also can get easily to HYBE Building, the place where they work at.

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