Where were ITZY members born? Where were ITZY members born?

Where are ITZY members from? These are their nationalities

In K-Pop we might find artists from different countries all over the world, what are ITZY members' nacionalities?

Some K-Pop idols traveled from China, Japan, Australia and some other places around the world to be a part of some idol groups, did this happen with ITZY's members? Get to know the nacionality of the girls from this band.

ITZY is a girl group formed by JYP Entertainment, these young idols had their debut in 2019 and they reached the top in a very fast way. That's how this band has taken a great part in K-Pop industry, they have thousands of fans all over the world right now.

The big success of ITZY is just thanks to the talents and abilities of its members, five girls who make the perfect formula everytime they get to the studio or take the stage, giving MIDZY the best shows and performances that have caught the attention of new fans with every comeback.

These girls had to improve her skills during some time before their debut, and each one of them has a different story and past that shows all of the effort and hardwork that they've put into music and performances. Fans love to know everything about these artists.

If you want to know even more about ITZY and its members, we'll tell you everything about their nationalities. As you might know, in K-Pop are a lot of idols from different countries.

Where were ITZY members born? These are the hometowns of the idols

All of the members from ITZY are korean, they were born in South Korea, but in different places, here we tell you where's the hometown of these idols.

All members from ITZY are korean | Twitter: @ITZYChartsData

Now you know it, ITZY only has members from Soutyh Korea, there's no international talent in the girl group, the five of them are korean.

Which ITZY members lived abroad?

Even if all of ITZY members were born in Korea, one of them lived abroad, it was Lia, who used to live in Canada, that's why she's fluent in English and communicates with international ITZY everytime she can do it.

Lia used to live in Canada | Twitter: @YSLROWSEI

That's why some people might wonder where is ITZY's Lia from, the true is that she was born in South Korea, then her family moved to Canada but she went back to Korea so she could become an idol.

Get to know everything about ITZY and its members, we tell you when these idols celebrate their birthdays, would you share the same special day with some of them? 

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