J-Hope will get to the US very soon J-Hope will get to the US very soon

When will J-Hope arrive to Las Vegas? All of his activities are confirmed

J-Hope is ready to reunite with BTS after his quarantine due to COVID-19, when will he be in the US for his planned activities?

Despite the fact that J-Hope was diagnosed with COVID-19, the BTS idol has made an effort to recover well and quickly. He will soon catch up with his bandmates in America to carry out all the activities they already had planned.

J-Hope had been absent for a while due to being diagnosed with COVID-19 and recovering in quarantine. The future seemed a bit uncertain, as BTS has several activities planned and among them is their visit to the United States in order to meet once again with many of their fans.

The other members of Bangtan Sonyeondan had already taken their flights to Las Vegas for their next activities. First Jungkook traveled alone and later RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin and Taehyung showed up at the airport to leave Korea and arrive in the US.

But it was not yet known what would happen to Hobi, since he still had not recovered from COVID and perhaps ARMY would have to see an OT6 performance at the Grammys since it is the closest activity that Bangtan will have in Las Vegas very soon.

But it seems that the fandom no longer has much to worry about as it has been announced that Jung Hoseok has already recovered and will soon be meeting with his fellow BTS members in the United States, when will he arrive in the country?

J-Hope will be reuniting with BTS in the US very soon and will carry out all his activities planned with the group

According to the information, J-Hope will arrive in Las Vegas on April 2 and carry out all his planned activities with BTS. Hobi has been confirmed for the idol group's performance at the Grammys and then the 4 Permission To Dance On Stage dates in Nevada. Very soon he will arrive in the US.

J-Hope will arrive soon to Las Vegas | Twitter: @hourlyhobi

So it's not long before Hoseok meets with his fellow BTS members and very soon we will see him at the idol group's performances. 

When will be the first performance of BTS in Las Vegas?

The first performance that BTS will have in Las Vegas will be on April 3, 2022, it will be the boy band's performance at the 2022 Grammys. ARMY has been waiting a lot for this, in addition to the fact that it could also be the year in which Bangtan Sonyeondan takes home its first Grammy.

BTS' first performance of 2022 in Las Vegas | Twitter: @Mulberrykook

Do you have everything ready for the upcoming BTS shows? We can't wait any longer, there are only a few days left for this to finally happen, what excites you the most? Grammys or concerts?

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Jungkook who tested positive for COVID-19 when he got to the US, but he's stronger that the sickness. 

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