ht will happen if BTS contract ends? ht will happen if BTS contract ends?

When will BTS' contract end? In what year could the group disband?

Will BTS ever disband? That day could arrive when their contract with HYBE is finished

BTS has a contract with their agency that they actually renewed earlier giving the boy band more years of life, when will this agreement end?

BTS is the most relevant and popular K-Pop group at the moment. It has gained millions of fans around the world who are now part of ARMY and never hesitate to show their love, admiration and respect for the group at all times. This is how the power of Bangtan has been getting bigger.

This is why Bangtan Sonyeondan couldn't last only 7 years. This was the duration of their contract with BigHit Entertainment, which would have ended in 2020, since the idol group debuted in 2013. Before that agreement expired, all the members decided to extend their relationship with their agency and continue as a group.

This year, the Bangtan Boys will be celebrating their ninth anniversary, a long history full of experiences, records, fulfilled dreams, goals and others that these 7 boys united by destiny and music have spent together. In addition to also the joy and satisfaction of making millions of fans very happy.

But how long will BTS be together? Here we tell you when their contract ends according to the renewal they did and what would happen when this agreement ends.

What year will BTS' contract end?

2027 is the year in which BTS' contract will end, the idol group renewed the one they already had for another 7 years. The renewal took place in 2019, still a year before the deal the band had with their agency ended. They added 7 more years of life to Bangtan Sonyeondan.

BTS' contract ends in 2027 | Twitter: @cath0783

So we still have quite a few years of BTS, unless you're reading this in 2026 or 2027, then time is running out. But in the meantime we will continue to enjoy all the music that these idols release for their fans and work so hard on.

 What will happen when BTS' contract ends?

Well, maybe the day BTS' contract ends will be when the group finally disbands. Each of its members could take a different path, we can imagine Suga working as a producer for new groups and more bands, Taehyung and Jin could become full-time actors, would Jungkook continue a solo career? The future cannot be predicted, but our imagination is the limit by now.

What's in the future for BTS? | Twitter: @mahoneysuga

It only remains to wait to find out what will happen to BTS in the future, surely ARMY will never stop supporting the idol group and show all their love and support for the members.

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