What will happen to BLACKPINK when its contract ends? What will happen to BLACKPINK when its contract ends?

When will BLACKPINK's contract with YG Entertainment end?

BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment determined their relationship by a contract, will it end soon?

Every K-Pop group has a contract to fulfill and it determines a lot of thing for the band, until when will BLACKPINK contract with its agency last?

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups, the talent of the 4 idols who formed these band is visible on every song and perfromance, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa make an amazing formula that reunites all of their talents for the fans.

In group and individually, the idols from BLACKPINK have proven that their abilities and capabilities are not a joke, and they give the best music for BLINK, the fandom that has been supporting and loving this idol group since the very beginning of its story.

YG Entertainment is the K-Pop agency that debuted and is in charge of BLACKPINK, it's one of the biggest companies on this musical genre from South Korea since it has brought a lot of good bands to the world such as 2NE1 and BIG BANG, successful groups on the industry.

But, as every K-Pop group, BLACKPINK has a contract that will end some day, when is it gonna be? This might happen to the girl group and its idols.

When will BLACKPINK contract end?

The contract between BLACKPINK an YG Entertainment ends in 2023, since it lasts for 7 years since the debut of the idol group that happenned on 2016, so, it still has one year more and then we will know what will happen with the girl group after its agreement with the K-Pop agency ends.

BLACKPINK's contract will end in 2023 | Twitter: @jenndynasty

This year, we will celebrate the BLACKPINK's sixth anniversary, and fans are waiting for a new comeback of the girl group.

What will happen to BLACKPINK when its contract ends?

We can't predict future, but as the success of BLACKPINK keeps growing, it would be hard for YG to let the girl group disband, so it might be possible for the four idols to renew its contract and stay together for some years more. If they would like to work as soloist or in any other project, maybe they won't resume their group activities when the agreement ends.

BLACKPINK might stay together for more time when its contract ends | Twitter; @itsferx_

I feel that BLACKPINK will make the best decision for BLINK and maybe they'll be together for at least 3 years more before disbanding. Lisa, Rosé and Jennie might keep being solois after that, while Jisoo might become a great actrees, but we still don't know ;).

If you love BLACKPINK, they you can read more about the idol group and we have some fun facts about it that will let you know more about its idols.

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