Whe is TWICE's anniversary? Whe is TWICE's anniversary?

When is TWICE's anniversary? Celebrate every year with the girl group

For ONCE there are very important dates, such as the anniversary of TWICE, do you know when is it celebrated?

TWICE idols have charmed their fans for quite a few years, when is this girl group's anniversary celebrated? ONCE prepares the best projects to commemorate this date.

After ending the show 'SIXTEEN' and choosing the best contestants to form a new girl group, JYP Entertainment launched TWICE. Nine members were selected to be a part of this girl group and they will all shine with their great talents and musical abilities.

Many fans followed these idols since their time as contestants and although their ending had some controversies, finally with the perfect formula that TWICE has created, the public could not be more than happy. The girls that are part of this group combine their abilities perfectly and are synchronized to give the best songs and performances.

Over the years, TWICE has managed to catch the attention of more and more fans, making ONCE one of the biggest K-Pop fandoms around the world. In many parts of the planet we can find fans of this girl group who won't hesitate to show their love and support for these idols.

How long has it been since TWICE debuted? Here we tell you when the group's anniversary is, celebrate with their idols every year.

When is the anniversary of TWICE?

TWICE's anniversary is celebrated every October 20, it was on that day, but in 2016, that the girl group debuted. To celebrate this date, ONCE usually does great projects on behalf of idols and fill social media with a special hashtag to honor their favorite artists.

TWICE celebrates its anniversary on October | Twitter: @pinkot9

So now you know, celebrate with TWICE every October 20, one more year of the girls united as a group that has given their best for music and for their fans.

When is ONCE anniversary celebrated?

The anniversary of ONCE, TWICE's fandom, is celebrated every November 4, this was announced in 2015, less than a month after the debut of the idol group, they already had a name for their faithful fanbase that would accompany them forever. 

TWICE celebrates ONCE on November | Twitter: @misayeon

If you are part of the TWICE fandom then you already have two new dates to celebrate, enjoy your favorite K-Pop group and all the surprises they always have for their fans.

Get to know more about TWICE, we tell you everything about its new record which made history in the U.S., what is this all about? 

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