BTS celebrates ARMY every year BTS celebrates ARMY every year

When is BTS' ARMY day? Celebrate with the fandom every year

ARMY is BTS' loyal fandom which celebrates its anniversary with a lot of surprises from the boy band

BTS has a great fandom, the fans of this boy band always show their love for the idols, but these artists also take the chance to prove that their fans' love is reciprocated in different ocassions. One of those ones is 'ARMY day', when is it celebrated?

BTS' fandom is one of the biggest ones in the entire world, there is probably no place on earth where we won't find at least one fan of this K-Pop group. The Bangtan Boys are recognized throughout the world and their fans have proven to be bulletproof, like the idols of the band.

ARMY is the name of this amazing fan club that began to form in 2013, when Bangtan Sonyeondan debuted and shone on stage for the first time. Bangtan first gained great popularity in South Korea and later spread to several countries in Asia such as China and Japan. Until the group finally conquered the whole world.

The great power of ARMY is recognized throughout the world, this fandom is responsible for all the victories and achievements in BTS career. If it wasn't for the fans, Bangtan would never have been so famous and this is why its members are very grateful to have so many fans who don't stop showing their love and support for these artists.

And there are very special days for BTS and their fans, one of them is ARMY Day to commemorate the creation of this fanbase and all the people who are part of it. Do you know when the anniversary of the fandom is celebrated?

When does BTS celebrate ARMY Day? The anniversary of its fandom

In July 9th, ARMY Day is celebrated by BTS and its fans, that's the official date for the fandom to commemorates the day when Bangtan gave the official name for its fandom, so that's when the fanbase was founded and celebrates its anniversary every year.

BTS celebrates ARMY in July | Twitter: @BTS_twt_JIMINP

Now you know it, celebrate ARMY day with BTS and its fandom every year, if you belong to this fanbase, it'd be a day for you to be proud and happy.

What do BTS do to celebrate ARMY Day?

 We might say that June and July are BTS' months, since in the first one the idols celebrate their anniversary as a band, and in the next moth they celebrate ARMY, so thety combine both dates and celebrate with big surprises, last year they held 'MUSTER' a big event which fans from all over the world enjoyed through online streaming.

Sometimes the K-Pop group tends to release new music on ARMY Day and post photos to congratulate their fans for this special date.

BTS celebrates ARMY Day with its own events | Twitter: @BTS_MYARMY

Get ready for next July 9th, there will be a great celebration for BTS and its fandom,for howmany years have you been an ARMY?

Get to know more about BTS and its members, do you know if they can date? There are some rules of his agency, are they banned of having a relationship? 

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