Celebrate with BLACKPINK on their anniversary Celebrate with BLACKPINK on their anniversary

When is BLACKPINK's anniversary? Celebrate with the idols every year

Every year BLINK celebrates together with BLACKPINK, do you know when the anniversary of the group is?

For BLINK there is no more special date than BLACKPINK's anniversary, when is it celebrated? This is the special day since the debut of the girl group.

BLACKPINK debuted in 2016 under YG Entertainment and quickly gained the affection of the public and many K-Pop fans. Today we can see that this girl group has millions and millions of fans all over the world. His fandom is one of the largest and always shows his love, support and admiration for idols.

BLINK shares a lot with BP and its members, the relevance, fame and popularity of the idol group is only thanks to all the support they receive from their huge global fanbase. It is well known that the group and their fandom work as a team to achieve everything they have achieved so far.

Year by year, BLACKPINK's fandom has grown larger and the power of these artists in the music industry is visible. There is much that we can admire and appreciate about them, which are showing more and more for their followers and the public that gives themselves the opportunity to listen to them.

As fans, BLINK celebrates BLACKPINK a lot, especially on the group's anniversary, do you know when it is? Here we tell you everything about this important day for these idols.

When does BLACKPINK celebrate their anniversary? This is an important date for BLINK

BLACKPINK's anniversary is celebrated every August 8, because that's when the girl group debuted. Normally, the entire month of August becomes the month of the group and great events are held for BLINK. In 2021, BP released their special movie in that month to celebrate their 5th anniversary.

BLACKPINK celebrates its anniversary on August | Twitter: @buibui_bp

So now you know, on that date you can celebrate BLACKPINK for one more year since the group debuted. These idols will surely prepare many more surprises for BLINK in the following girl group anniversaries.

When is BLINK's anniversary?

Just as BLACKPINK has its anniversary, so does BLINK. The anniversary of the fandom of this idol group is on November 14, because on this date but in 2016 it was when the official fan club for BP was founded. So there are fans who have been with the girl group for practically their entire career.

BLINK's anniversary is on November | Twitter: @vanessaakk364

Twice a year, BLACKPINK and BLINK celebrate big for being together and happy for more and more years, isn't that just great?

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