When was ENHYPEN's ENGENE founded? When was ENHYPEN's ENGENE founded?

When did ENHYPEN name their fandom? Get to know ENGENE's history

ENHYPEN has a great fandom that is growing more and more, do you know when they founded ENGENE?

ENGENE is the faithful fandom that is in charge of giving all its love, support and admiration to ENHYPEN, do you want to know more about this fanbase? This was the day it was named, thus the foundation of this fan club began.

ENHYPEN is a young K-Pop group with many fans who never fail to show all their love and support for this idol group. Little by little these idols have been conquering even more hearts that do not hesitate to join the loyal fandom that the boy band already has.

ENGENE is the name of the EN- fandom, this fanbase extends globally and has watched over the members of the idol group at all times. Sometimes he even demands better treatment and conditions from Belift for the band's artists. There is much we can admire from this fanbase.

It's obvious that ENGENE and ENHYPEN have also done a lot of teamwork. Not for nothing did the idol group manage to become a Million Seller last year. The songs of this boy band are a success and have all the love of the group's followers.

Do you want to know more about ENGENE and ENHYPEN? Here we tell you what the day was like when this important K-Pop fandom was named.

ENHYPEN named ENGENE on this day, this is how the foundation of their fandom begun

On October 9, 2020, ENHYPEN gave the name to their fandom ENGENE, this day was very important for the fans, because they could finally identify themselves with a name that they would wear proudly. A logo was also created for the fan club that has grown exponentially in recent months.

ENHYPEN named ENGENE on this day | Twitter: @Kindblurryatth1

This is why the ENGENE day or anniversary of ENEGENE is celebrated every October 9, if you are part of the fandom then don't miss the next celebration.

How did ENHYPEN choose their fandom name?

From September 20 to 24, 2020, ENHYPEN received suggestions to call their fandom, it was even thought that EN-'s fandom would be called 'Eggies', but finally on October 6, the fan club logo and name were revealed. The idols officially gave it 3 days later. 

ENGENE's logo was unveiled before its name | Twitter: @Bubbly_KimSunoo

Now you know a little more about the history of ENGENE, a fandom that will continue to grow in the future and support ENHYPEN at all times.

We have an ENHYPEN quiz for you, find out who from the band would be your best friend, may he'd be Sunoo or Sunghoon. 

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