BTS' first win BTS' first win

When did BTS get its first win? This song gave the group victory

Although nowadays the awards and victories are piling up for BTS, it was not always like this. When did the group get its first win in Korea?

In Korean music shows, they usually award the best song of the week in each edition and this is how BTS competed in these shows before achieving their first victory, with which song did they achieve success for the first time?

Week after week, new episodes are released on Korean music shows, in which there are performances by many groups and soloists who want to present their talents to the world. In these shows, the best song of the week is usually awarded, taking into account various aspects and the performance of each track.

Since the debut of BTS, the K-Pop group has performed on these shows in order to shine on stage. First in Korea, they caught the attention of a lot of fans to later accumulate the great international fame that this boy band has at the moment.

But it should always be remembered that the success of Bangtan Sonyeondan did not happen overnight, the members of this idol group worked hard on their music and performances in order to reach the top of the global music industry. And in his story there are many free moments ARMY loves to celebrate.

As was the K-Pop group's first win on a South Korean music show. After performing at many of these shows, BTS reached victory with one of their best songs.

What was BTS' first win? This is how the group celebrated their first victory with this song

On May 5, 2015, BTS achieved its first win on a South Korean music show with the song 'I Need U' from the album 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1'. Bangtan Sonyeondan's first win was on 'The Show'. They were very happy about this first achievement.

To celebrate their first win, BTS went to the movies with ARMY from Korea, since thanks to the support of their fandom, the idol group achieved this first victory in a musical program. This date is remembered by fans every year.

How many wins does BTS have in total?

BTS has a total of 152 wins on Korean music shows, as of today (March 18, 2022). The last win was in August with 'Permission To Dance'. His song with the most wins is 'Dynamite' as he reached 32. Surely in the group's next comeback he will have new wins.

BTS has a lot of wins | Twitter: @sweetyyymillie

Wins are very important in the careers of K-Pop groups and BTS is no exception, the idol group always thanks ARMY for these victories.

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