Will BTS have to do the Military Service? Will BTS have to do the Military Service?

What's going on with BTS' military service? Is its military exception in talks?

Will BTS be absolved from military service? The new president's comitee visit to HYBE could give us the answer

There are many doubts about BTS' military service and that is that some of its members should already be starting it due to their age. But it may be that they are absolved from this obligation. Will the idols of the group do the military service or not?

Military Service is a subject that brings a lot of sadness to K-Pop fans, as it is an obligation that every South Korean citizen must fulfill. This is why many idols pause their activities to perform this service and come back after a year and a few months.

This topic has been a controversy for BTS, because it is not known for sure if the group will do military service or not. This is due to its great popularity and that somehow the group's idols have contributed a lot to the culture and economy of South Korea. This is why they could be absolved from doing this obligation.

Many also talked about HYBE's plans for the idols' military service because it could be that they actually wanted to do it, fulfill their obligation without being acquitted. Fans thought that the company would send all the idols together to do military service or do it in a staggered way.

For a while now no more has been said about BTS' military service until now, that a new president of Korea has been elected and his comitee will visit the HYBE building very soon, will it be to discuss about the military service exception for the group?

Will Korea's newly elected president's committee go to HYBE to talk about BTS' military service?

K-Media had revealed that Korea's new president's committee would visit HYBE in order to discuss BTS' military service and the group's possible exemption from this obligation. But it is something that HYBE itself has denied, although it accepts that a committee meeting with the company was requested, this does not yet have a date and it will not be about the military service of its artists.

The company said that the meeting will be to talk about K-Pop and some other issues related to the growth and strengthening of the country's culture.

HYBE won't discuss BTS' military service yet | Twitter: @MinYshoppe

So it only remains to wait for the meeting to take place to find out if in the end BTS' military service was discussed or not.

When should BTS start their military service?

Being from 1992, Jin should have already started his military service, since it was estimated that he would do so in 2021, although due to the pandemic, his date could be delayed a bit. Suga would have to enlist in this 2022 and at the beginning of the year it was said that every man who was born in 1994 should join the service in December 2022, which is why RM and J-Hope would also have to start it this year. Jimin and V are from 1995 and would have to start in 2024. While Jungkook would do it until 2026.

These dates are only approximate, the plans of HYBE are also not known for sure and it is not yet known if they will be exempt from military service.

When will BTS enlist to the army | Twitter: @tansami_

It only remains to wait to know the future of BTS with military service, perhaps they do not even have to do it thanks to their contribution to Korea with the popularization of music and ARMY could not stand to be almost two years without any of the members.

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