The lead vocalist of Blackpink, Roseanne Park.

What would have Rose from Blackpink been if not a singer?

The 23-year-old star is the lead vocalist of the worldwide famous K-pop band, Blackpink. Her exceptional voice and her killer looks have made her a huge K-pop idol. Have you ever thought about what Rose would be if she was not a Blackpink singer? Keep reading to find out what profession would suit her the most!   

  • Rose is super talented that she has earned a net worth of $8 million.
  • Her bandmates include Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo.
  • The brilliant singer's string vocals have earned her 32.3 million followers on Instagram. Could any other job earn her this much? 

The main vocalist of Blackpink

The main vocalist of Blackpink, Roseanne Park.

Rose was a college student when she joined Blackpink. So, probably she would've stayed with her parents in Australia to complete her education. Rose was always fond of music even as a student and wanted to do her majors in music.

Alternate Career 

The main vocalist of Blackpink, Roseanne Park.

She is the only Blackpink girl who has the biggest passion for singing. I believe that Rose can be a successful businesswoman and can run a music store in her hometown, Melbourne. Her personality is so humble that people of all generations can feel comfortable in her shop.

So, I think running a business of a vintage style music store would have been a great career for the K-pop diva. What are your thoughts about it?

The goddess of Blackpink

The brilliant vocalist of Blackpink, Roseanne Park.

I think Rose is insanely stunning and doing great as a Blackpink singer. She is the pride of her K-pop band and never fails to impress her admirers. I think her connection with music is so deep that no one can break her bond with it.

Which profession do you think would suit Rose the most? 

Watch Blackpink's song Lovesick Girls below!

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