SEVENTEEN first album SEVENTEEN first album

What was SEVENTEEN's debut album? This is their first release ever

It's been a long time SEVENTEEN's debut , can you remember which was its first album?

SEVENTEEN has been working hard on its music since the very beginning, get to know everything aboyt the very first album of this idol group.

SEVENTEEN debuted ion 2015, it's been some time since then and the thirteen members of this idol group who have been working hard on their music and performances to show the best for CARAT, the loyal fandom that has been by their side since the very beginning.

SVT is now one of the most popular and relevant idol groups in the history of K-Pop, and it's been all thanks to the great effort and amzing skills of every member of the boy band. They make the perfect formula for the studio and for the stage.

Now we have a lot of songs to enjoy from SEVENTEEN, with different moods, rythms, beats, lyrics and more that show the creativity of the idols and of SVT's producer, Woozi. But let's go back to the very beginning, with the first songs from the group.

Do you know which was SEVENTEEN's debut album? Here we tell you everything about the very first release of this idol group.

What album did SEVENTEEN debut with? This was his first release

'17 CARAT' was SEVENTEEN's first mini album, they debuted with this first release which has songs like 'Adore U' or 'Shining Diamond' and some tracks from the subunits too. This album was released on May 29, 2015, it had two versions and didn't had photocards.

SEVENTEEN took the hearts of a lot of fans with its first release, '17 CARAT' had different songs which we all love now and they've turned into SVT's classics.

 What was SEVENTEEN's first full album?

As you might know, K-Pop groups tend to release singles, mini albums and full albums, SEVENTEEN's first full album was 'Love&Letter', it was a repackage of '17 CARAT' and 'Boys Be' which had new songs and with this one, SVT renewed their rings for the first time.

Now you know more about SEVENTEEN and its songs, they have plenty of them for you, with the best of the talents of skills of these amazing idols.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, here we tell you everything about Jun who made a big donation for his hometown in China. 

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