BTS first world tour BTS first world tour

What was BTS first tour? The boy band took the world with its music

ARMY from a lot of countries has been able to watch BTS performing live and this is everything about the boy  band's firts tour

BTS was born in South Korea, but its music has taken its members to many other places around the world, when was the first tour of this idol group?

Nowadays, BTS is a very popular K-Pop band, the dream of these artists began back in 2013 in South Korea, the idol group debuted and its members were full of happiness, goals and energy to hit the stages and shine together with great performances.

Maybe, at the very beginning, it was hard for Bangtan Sonyeondan to catch the attention of fans, since K-Pop industry is truly competitive and is full of talent; but ARMY began to form and the fans of the Bangtan Boys kept growing on numbers and spreading all over the world.

Now we now that BTS has a lot of lovers all around the planet, and the idol group needed to meet all of its fans, so they started to plan the perfect tour to hit several countries and show all of the talents of its idols to the public and admirerd who followed them loyally.

When did BTS hit the road for the very first time? We will tell you everything about the first Bangtan's world tour and some of the cities that the boy band visited back then.

Everything about The Red Bullet Tour, this was the very first BTS world tour

In 2014 BTS had its very first world tour, it had the name of 'The Red Bullet Tour', but it's also know as 2014 BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet; it began in October 17, 2014 in South Korea, but the band also visited another 5 asian cities for this worldwide trip full of music.

BTS during its very first world tour | Twitter: @bangtan_germany

BTS went to Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan for the first leg of this tour, it had to be longer since more places in the world needed a Bangtan Sonyeondan's show, so the idols went to Malaysia, Australia, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Thailand and Hong Kong during the second leg of the tour in 2015.

What was the regular setlist for The Red Bullet Tour of BTS?

There are a lot of amazing BTS songs, but they couldn't play all of them or the shows were going to be very long, so they had this setlist:

  1.  N.O
  2. We Are Bulletproof Pt 2.
  3. We On

  4. Hiphop Lover

  5. Let Me Know

  6. Rain

  7. Embarrassed

  8. Just One Day

  9. Look Here

  10. Outro: Propose (Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook)

  11. No More Dream

  12. Tomorrow

  13. Miss Right

  14. I Like It

  15. If I Ruled the World

  16. Cypher Pt.3 Killer (Rap Monster, SUGA, J-Hope)

  17. Cypher Pt.2 Triptych (encore)

  18. War of Hormone

  19. Danger

  20. Boy In Luv

  21. Road/Path

  22. Jump

  23. Attack On Bangtan

  24. Paldogangsan


Where you an ARMY back in 2014-2015? Maybe you did get to see BTS in its very first tour, and it was just amazing, fans are waiting for a next world tour, so they can sing along every song from the setlist.

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