Which was first BTS million seller? Which was first BTS million seller?

What was BTS' first Million Seller? This album shone with its sales

Now BTS has a ton of Million Sellers thanks to all the copies their albums sell, but who was the first to reach this title?

We know well that the popularity of BTS was not created overnight and that the idols worked hard to achieve their success, do you want to know which was the group's first album to sell a million copies?

For BTS it is no longer a difficult task to sell at least one million copies of their albums, but this is not something that has been achieved overnight. The members of this K-Pop group have worked hard to achieve all the fame and popularity they have today.

First, Bangtan Sonyeondan conquered the Korean public, since their debut they made an effort in music and performances to attract the attention of the audience that would later become a fan and form the great and legendary ARMY that is now the fandom that accompanies Bangtan in every adventure.

After conquering their own country, the Bangtan Boys gained more fans across Asia and gradually took over more of the public around the world. This great success has been little by little and now, finally, BTS has a great fame and popularity worldwide.

How did the success of BTS begin? Perhaps we can find out with their first album that sold a million copies, that's how the idol group became a Million Seller and demonstrated their selling power in the music industry.

What was the first BTS album to sell a million copies? This is how the group became a Million Seller

'Wings' was the first BTS album to sell a million copies, in 2016 it was when the idol group became a Million Seller thanks to this release having reached that figure in combined sales. 'Wings' was also recognized as the best-selling album of the year.

Wings was first BTS' Million Seller | Twitter: @TheRedARMYRose

We can find songs likes 'Stigma', 'Blood, Sweat & Tears', 'Lie' and 'Begin' on 'Wings', which is now one of the favorite ones of ARMY.

What is BTS' best-selling album? 

'Map of the Soul: 7' is BTS' best-selling album, it has sold more than 4.8 million copies in total, although this record may soon be broken with a new release from the K-Pop group, there is no doubt that his popularity continues to grow, as does his number of fans.

What is your favorite BTS album? There are many we can choose from but these two mentioned above have given the idol group great records, don't you think?

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Jin who is praised by his groupmates for his skills on Instagram, what did he do? 

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