BLACKPINK's first win BLACKPINK's first win

What was BLACKPINK's first win? The idols got their crown with this song

BLACKPINK's history is full of victories for its members and this is how they celebrated their first win

In the K-Pop industry, the newest songs that charm the public and they tend to be recognized with prizes, this is how the groups accumulate wins, what was the first for BLACKPINK?

BLACKPINK debuted in 2016 and quickly caught the attention of millions of fans in Korea who couldn't help but show their affection, love, support and more for these four girls united by YG Entertainment after spending some time training at this K-Pop agency.

This is how with each comeback and performance, the BP idols continued to conquer hearts and today they are one of the most relevant and recognized girl groups within the South Korean musical genre. Their impact is imminent and has led them to be awarded in different parts of the world. In addition to having collaboration with other international artists.

BLACKPINK's path has not been easy and its success was not built overnight, the members of the group had to put all their effort and dedication into music to be able to shine as much as they do today. Now they can be crowned as a group and as soloists and BLINK celebrates every time they get a new victory.

If you have been a fan of BLACKPINK for a long time, then you will know with which song they achieved their first win on a South Korean music show, but if you still don't know, here we tell you all about this important moment in the group's career.

With which song did BLACKPINK achieve its first win?

'Whistle' was the song that gave BLACKPINK its first win, this was the track with which they debuted, so from the beginning of BP's career many realized their great impact and growing popularity despite the fact that they had very little time in the K-Pop industry.

This is how since their debut, BLACKPINK shone, showing that they would be one of the strongest groups in the industry with all the talent and great dedication of the girl group.

BLACKPINK achieved its first win in record time

BLACKPINK won first place on Inkigayo thirteen days after its debut, this happened on August 14, 2016, almost two weeks after taking stages for the first time, these idols achieved their first win. It was such a big record back then for them.

BLACKPINK's first win | Twitter: @mylifeforrose

Now you know more about BLACKPINK's first win, which was a great moment for both the idols and their fans. That's how BLINK celebrated their first victory.

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