What was the firsat song by BIGBANG? What was the firsat song by BIGBANG?

What was BIGBANG's debut song? This is how this K-Pop legend started

BIGBANG is a K-Pop group that debuted a long time ago and here we tell you with which song they surprised the world

BIGBANG has served as an inspiration for many other K-Pop groups, knows the beginnings of this great boy band, this was their debut with which they took the stage.

BIGBANG debuted in 2006 under YG Entertainment's agency. It started as an idol group of 5 members who had trained as trainees in the company for a few years. Little by little the project took shape and finally they were able to take the stage for the first time.

From 2011 it is considered that BIGBANG had its peak and world fame, it was when the group began to be recognized in all parts of the group. Putting K-Pop on the map and having some of the most popular early songs in the world within this musical genre.

Surely you heard 'Fantastic Baby', a BIGBANG song that went completely viral and today is considered one of the most famous of K-Pop, which was also a cornerstone for the popularization of the musical genre globally. The world laid eyes on these idols and Korea thanks to this track.

But going back to the beginning of BIGBANG, what was the group's debut song? Here we tell you more about this K-Pop legend that you won't to stop admiring.

What was BIGBANG's first song? This was its great debut

BIGBANG's first song was 'We Belong Together', a track released on August 19, 2006 and with which the idols of the group demonstrated their talents and great mastery of the stage for the first time. With this song they performed at the YG Family 10th anniversary celebration concert.

This is how BIGBANG debuted with this great song, definitely one that marked a great point in the group's history as it was the first one that existed and with which they took the stage for the first time.

With which song did BIGBANG achieve their first win?

The wins are victories on music shows in South Korea, BIGBANG achieved their first win in 2007 with the song 'Lies' from their album 'Always', this was on the Music Bank program. This was how the group managed to prove their popularity a year after their debut.


Now you know a little more about the history of BIGBANG, a great K-Pop group that has charmed its fans throughout its history, with various songs and performances.

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