Blackpink during a live concert

The secret ritual of Blackpink before every performance

Could this group ritual be the reason for their worldwide success? Blackpink revealed that this is a must-do activity on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden'! It sounds like a good luck charm for them. What is the secretive ritual they give so much importance to? Read below to find out!

On January 28th, 2021 Blackpink made a striking guest appearance on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden'. In the interview segment, the girls revealed an interesting pre-show ritual they carried out before every performance!

Blackpink with James Corden

I wonder what's so important to them, don't you?

Blackpink for Elle

'Before every concert, we do a low-five!' Lisa, the youngest member of the group shared. 

What is that? We've only ever heard of a high-five. Well, these girls are not like the other ones! They put their hands together and go 'one-two-three oh!' and drop their hands sluggishly. Such a cool pre-concert ritual, isn't it?

It seems like they're saving energy for the spectacular stages!

Blackpink for Ice Cream MV

It's an important group ritual to the members because they see it as a good luck charm! How sweet is that? It's nice to keep a belief in something to stay united. Don't you agree?

The girls also showed a glorious performance of their addictive pop single 'Pretty Savage'. Click here to see the awesome stage for it!


Blackpink during a live concert

It feels like Blackpink's 'low-five' is going to be the new cool trend among teenagers. Who even needs the high-five anymore? It's nice to see the group gathers around to cheer on each other before a tiring performance! What do you think about their cool ritual? Comment below!


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