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What secret Jimin and Jungkook are keeping from other BTS members?

Is there something bitter going on among BTS members that is annoying Jimin and Jungkook? Two of the youngest members of the band seem to be distancing themselves from the rest of the group and we are wondering why. If you’re curious too, watch the video below to know what is happening!

  • Jungkook, 23 years of age, and Jimin, 25 years of age, are the main vocalists as well as dancers of BTS
  • Both of the $20 million worth K-pop idols seem to share a strong bond 
  • Lately, the two vocalists seem to be sticking around each other more often and distancing themselves from other members

Do you think BTS members fight with each other? Well, I think definitely. Fighting in friend circles is common and the boys are no exception. In fact, we all know about the dumpling incident which was a fight between V and Jimin. But in the end, they always manage to strengthen their bonds and get back together. 

However, it seems like Jimin and Jungkook are hiding something from other BTS members! The two always tend to travel together in the same car. In fact, during RUN BTS episodes as well, Jungkook is usually waiting for Jimin to win so they can leave. Do you wonder why they share the same car?

BTS x Dispatch

It is not like Big Hit Entertainment can’t afford separate vehicles for each member. Neither Jimin and Jungkook are relatives who live in the same house!

BTS in winter package 2020

Well, it could be that the two usually have some hangout plans after shooting because they share some similar interests such as when it comes to food? Or maybe they both are living in the dorms these days and thus, go there together!


From what we know, Jimin’s house is under construction and Jungkook’s apartment is currently occupied. Thus, it could be that the two spend their time outside of work at the dorms. Or it could be that the two really are trying to ignore other members. 


BTS at the VMAs 2020

As a BTS fan, I know how much each member adores the other! Jungkook has immense love for all his hyungs (Korean for older brothers) and Jimin always checks up on other members. Therefore, I would like to believe that the two vocalists are just sharing the car because they live close to each other and not because of any rivalry! What do you think the real reason might be?

Listen to Jimin and Jungkook singing 'We don't talk anymore':

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