BTS vs. One Direction

What makes BTS’ songs better than One Direction?

It's decided! BTS is a better band than One direction! The K-pop members are widely known their songs that address unconventional themes and cryptic stories. On the other hand, One Direction has also served us with their evergreen music. But there is a long debate on which band's music is better? Scroll down to find out an in depth analysis of their songs!

  • 1D and BTS surprisingly have an equal number of 31.5 million followers on Twitter. 
  • The estimated net worth of BTS is $450 million while 1D's net worth is $340 million. 
BTS vs. 1D

BTS' songs:

K-pop band BTS

Since its debut, BTS has always incorporated deep and secret meanings into their songs. They have shown that music is much more than just vibing to good tunes.

BTS in 'Fake Love' MV

The band debuted with their song 'No More Dream' that challenged the pressures and burdens on youngsters. They continued this tradition by releasing their album 'Wings' which included songs like Blood Sweat and Tears, Boy meets evil, Stigma and so many more. These songs talked about the boys' journey as they fall into the trap of temptation and realize it later. 

BTS at the shoot

After this, BTS began their 'Love yourself' campaign. They released the three installments to their LOVE YOURSELF album series which had DNA, Fake Love, and Idol as title tracks. The intro tracks of these albums like Singularity and Epiphany were also very meaningful.

These songs highlighted the dark side of Love and introduced the concept of self-love. When we say that BTS are trendsetters, we are not wrong!

BTS enjoying their time together

Despite this, the Armys find BTS’ Make it Right and Zero o’clock the most healing. Similarly, Dynamite and Boy with Luv are the best songs to cheer up your mood. They've truly outdone themselves by producing music for every mood of their fans!

BTS in the 'Life Goes On' MV

In fact, BTS' second album for 2020, 'BE' is based on the struggles of quarantine life and includes noteworthy songs like Life Goes On’. It seems like they have the best music intelligence in the industry, as they can sense the kind of music their fans need in such unprecedented times!

As a band with seven members, BTS has explored a wide range of genres like Contemporary R&B, Pop, K-pop, Ballad, Hip hop, Latin Pop, and disco. 

One Direction's music:

One Direction

1D is famous for its pop-rock and teen pop songs which are everyone's favorite to date. The band debuted on the British television program called 'The X Factor' where they competed as solo artists but later grouped up together.

One Direction performing on stage

Since then the band has dropped continued hits starting off from their 'Up All Night' album which was based on the concerns of teenagers such as partying, heartbreaks, and care-free life. It also included the top hit song ‘What Makes Your Beautiful’.

One Direction posing for the camera

Similarly, the band’s Live While We're Young is about them being teenagers and their take on life. Then Steal My Girl from the album Four talks about the teen-love story. 

One Direction at the show

With the release of Made in the A.M. the band went on a hiatus. But like other albums, it also included amazing songs like End of the day, Infinity,  I want to write you a song which scored well on the Billboard charts worldwide. So through their songs, 1D discussed the mainstream love life issues of young adults and hence attracted a crazy amount of fans.   

Final thoughts:

BTS at the Press Conference

Undoubtedly, both of the bands have won the hearts of millions of the fans. But BTS has explored more genres of music and produced remarkable songs with interesting insights. They told everyone that music can be used for conveying positive messages as well.


One Direction, too, has talked about different issues and used their influence rightly. Their presence cannot be denied as their fandom is still strong after the five years of the band's hiatus.

However, BTS' songs incorporates diverse theories of life through the perspective of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality which no one has done before! Hence, it earns them some extra points.

1D and BTS

We adore both the bands and love their music. Hopefully, we will listen to their new music in 2021 as well. Good luck to BTS and One Direction for all their future projects! You can also find out about which band is more successful here.

Let us know about your thoughts on this in the comments down below. Also, don’t forget to check out a deeper analysis into BTS and 1D's music!

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