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What is the reason behind BTS’ success in the United States?

You must be wondering, what is it that makes BTS so special? The band has exploded globally, and is now the biggest boy band in the world. What is the recipe for success that led BTS to achieve stardom? Read below to know exactly what made BTS so famous in the US.

  • BTS is the biggest boy band in the world with over 43 million fans. 
  • The seven boys all write and produce their own songs. Their hit singles of 2020, 'Life Goes On', was written by them. 
  • Together they all have a net worth of $140 million and contribute $3.54 billion to Korea's economy per year. 

From topping Billboard charts to a Grammy nomination, BTS has done it all. As fans like to put it, BTS paved the way for not only K-Pop but all people of color in the United States.

BTS at the Grammy Awards 2019

As 'Dynamite' remains in the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 for the 17th week, the US industry is baffled. What is it about these seven boys that makes everyone fall in love with them?

BTS at talk show in America

The answer is, their music. BTS debuted in 2013 with their song 'No More Dreams' that talked about issues of the youth and the failure of the education system. No other idol group could even dare to write the lyrics that BTS was singing.

BTS debut era in 2013

 The band also writes songs about self-love, and accepting one’s own flaws. They use their personal lives to give the rawest perspectives. Their songs comfort millions across the world despite the language barrier.

BTS Love Myself campaign

 To us, BTS songs feel like a warm hug. Have you ever felt comforted by BTS’ songs?

BTS with their fans at concert

From their first win at the Music Bank, to a Grammy nomination, BTS remains unchanged. Their music serves to heal and comfort people, and their hard work and dedication is never-ending. We love BTS for their amazing music and hard work.

BTS' first win at Music Bank

BTS is a band of geniuses who are passionate about their work. Their love for what they do is what makes them so special, and so successful. What do you think is the reason behind their success? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch BTS' debut video to learn even more about the band! 

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