Tzuyu from Twice.

What is the most incredible ability of Tzuyu from Twice?

Besides being one of the prettiest faces in K-pop and the youngest member of Twice, Tzuyu has other abilities and today we will discover which one is the most special. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Zhōu Zi Yú was born on June 14th, 1999 in Taiwan.
  • Tzuyu is the only Taiwanese member of the nine girl group formed in 2015 by JYP Entertainment.
  • She was discovered by the entertainment company through a video uploaded from her former dance school in Taiwan to YouTube in 2012.
Tzuyu from Twice

After three years as a trainee, Tzuyu entered the television competition Sixteen broadcast on Mnet, where the members of JYP's new girl group Twice would be chosen.

Despite not being selected to be part of the starting 7 lineup, Tzuyu was announced at the show's finale as the most popular contender among the public and therefore the jury decided to include her as the eighth member of the group.

Momo was also announced, in an unexpected turn of events, as the ninth member.

After debuting with Twice, Tzuyu demonstrated all of her singing and dancing skills,

she also began to appear on various television shows such as Battle Trip and Hello Counselor and that was how she gradually won over the Korean audience.


As a good Gemini, Twice's maknae has a vocation for communication and that is why her best ability is to have great ease in learning new languages.

Tzuyu was born in Taiwan and her mother tongue is Mandarin, however her grandmother and sometimes her mother spoke Taiwanese, and although she does not speak it now, she understands it perfectly.

Upon arriving in Korea to join JYPE, the 21-year-old singer had to face a new language, but in no time she was already speaking Korean fluently.

In fact, in the last streaming, she did on the V-Live platform in February 2021, the idol revealed what trick she used to develop her Korean skills.

Tzuyu waving the Taiwanese flag.

Despite feeling insecure in the new language, she decided to speak it and speak it non-stop and that is how she managed to perfect it. 

Also, in this same live broadcast, Tzuyu revealed that she would soon be premiering her Melody Project alone with a very special song for her.

Stay tuned for all the Twice news.

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