BTS filming Life Goes On videoclip BTS filming Life Goes On videoclip

What is the meaning behind BTS' song 'Life Goes On'?

The K-pop idols always leave some hidden messages for the Army in their songs. The meaning behind this song will blow your mind! Curious to find why fans love it so much? Watch the video with the revelations, below!

  • Their album BE was released on November 20, 2020.
  •  'BE' topped the Billboard 100 charts during the debut week, becoming the first Korean song to ever do it so. 
  • The music video got 71 million views in the first 24 hours!
  • The Bangtan Boys have more than 30 million followers on Twitter, making them the most popular K-Pop band on social media.

Message of hope and a warm hug for Army

BTS members for BE Concept photo

'It's all gonna be okay!'

This message of hope for everyone out means that no matter the situation, you need to stay positive.

As the lyrics go,

'Like an echo in the forest, the day will come around as if nothing happened. Yeah, life goes on'

What a beautiful line. It is filled with comfort. Did you know Alicia Keys participated in this song as well? 

They mention countless moments where they couldn't move, but everything else was moving at its own pace. Spring came, time passed by, winter came, the rain didn't stop, but eventually, life goes on.

How does life go on

The BTS boys filming the videoclip of Life Goes On

These are just examples of how life goes on even when the world stops. RM's bike was covered in dust because he couldn't ride it anymore. Suga's verse adorably mentions how the world has changed, but nothing has changed between them and their fans.

They were trying to thank Army for staying with them, although they couldn't perform live. This song keeps getting better and better. Don't you think the relationship between BTS and Army is special?
Life goes on repeatedly mentions how there doesn't seem to be an end but also gives hope about the future. Jin's verse asks listeners to

'Close your eyes for a moment, hold my hand. To the future, let's run away.'

We would love to run away to the future with them. 

Finally, the boys also mention how they felt when the world stopped without a warning. They show a clip of V staring at the stadium they were supposed to perform at. They end the song in an empty stadium. The boys are all dressed up and performing, but they don't have their fans around. BTS 'Life Goes On' Official music video photo

It was difficult for BTS to get through these years, but they still put out a message of hope for the Army. 

If we could, we would give 'Life Goes On' a Grammy Award because the impact this song had on us.

Watch the official music video below:

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