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What is the meaning behind BTS song 'Friends'?

BTS members Jimin and V wrote this song and named it ‘Friends’ to celebrate their friendship. Want to know the meaning behind the song? Find out below!

  • Jimin is particularly well-known for his dance moves and angelic voice and V is known for his deep tone.
  • 'Friends' was as a part of Map of the Soul: 7 album on February 21st 2020

Dumpling incident 

The two best friends

The song talks about a dumpling incident and how it seems like a comedy movie to the two singers now.

Our memories are movies
The dumpling incident is a comedy movie yeah, ayy, yeah, ayy

Jimin and V smiling

The incident occurred when Jimin and V fought about eating dumplings before or after BTS choreography training. Jimin said it was bad for digestion and V thought it was good for their energy.

V’s dreamcatcher

BBMAs 2019

One night, V had a nightmare. He woke up and went to Jimin. However, Jimin told him to go out of his room because he was sleeping.

The dreamcatcher in my room
7-year-long history
Is that why it’s even more special

Jimin felt bad for his answer and bought a dreamcatcher for him so that he only dreams of nice things. 

Tiny pinky

The song also repeatedly mentions ‘tiny pinky’.

Like your tiny pinky
Longer than seven summers and cold winters

It is very well-known that Jimin has the tiniest hands of the7  BTS members, "seven summers and cold winters".

V and Jimin

How adorable can this two get?

You are my soulmate
For eternity, keep staying here, stay (Ayy), hey (Ayy)

The end of the song talks about eternal friendship, and that's a metaphor and advice for the fans, to worship their friendships, to cherish and enjoy them. Let us know what you think about the two singers’ friendship!

Listen to ‘Friends’ here:

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