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What is the meaning behind BTS' song 'Butter'?

BTS released their new song 'Butter' on May 21st and left several hidden love messages throughout the lyrics. Want to know what they mean? Watch the video below! 

  • BTS had set the previous record with their 2020 single “Dynamite,” their first entirely in English. That video racked up 101.1 million in its first 24 hours, according to official YouTube figures, though its public views counter marked 98.3 million.
  • BTS’ summer dance-pop jam “Butter” was released on YouTube on Thursday, May 21, at 12AM ET/1PM KST, and has been propelled towards new heights by the group’s devoted fans, ARMY.
  • The song set a new all-time record for the biggest YouTube music video premiere with more than 3.9 million concurrent viewers, and hit No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes chart within just two hours of its debut.


"Cool shade stunner, yeah, I owe it all to my mother"

This is a clear reference of how important family is to all the members. As you know, in Korea, family values and bond is one of the most important pillars in the community. 

"Hot like summer, Yeah, I'm making you sweat like that"

Here they referenced how the Army fans blush when they see their idols. The relationship between fans and K-Pop idols is of utmost importance, and the role they play in their success has been studied for decades.

"Know that I got that heat, let me show you 'cause talk is cheap"

BTS wants for their fans to show and prove themselves how valuable they are.

"Smooth like butter, pull you in like no other""

The group is original, unique and doesn't have any competition. The Korean group broke their own record for most YouTube views in the first 24-hours of release with hitting approximately 113 million views.

"All the players get moving when the bass low, got ARMY right behind us when we say so""

Finally, a quick thank you for all the supporting fans!


BTS Butter official photo

Concerning the choreography, the band's rapper, J-Hope shared

Butter is really energetic and cute, so the performance tries to reflect those emotions. Kissing our hands, mischievous looks, brushing our hair back — those are the highlights of the choreography"

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