BTS V in Singularity

What is the meaning behind BTS' V new song 'Singularity'?

The 2018 released album 'Love Yourself: Tear' of BTS had the intro song 'Singularity' which was sung by V. His low-pitched manly voice perfectly suited the theme of the song which revolved around becoming self-aware. Having the genre of contemporary soul and Pop, the lyrics, outfit and especially the mask rightly conveyed the feel of the song. But what is the secret meaning behind it? Scroll down to find out!


  • The Singularity singer has an amazing physique with a height of 5'10" at the age of 24 years.
  • BTS V's real name is Kim Taehyung, and he is the eldest in his family, having two younger siblings, a sister and a brother. 
  • The 1995-born K-artist is Capricorn according to the zodiac as his birthday comes on 30th December.

Which Book Singularity is based on?

The Singularity is near Book

RM, the leader of the band BTS, revealed on a live that 'Singularity' is based on Ray Kurzweil's book 'The Singularity is near'. The book being based on the merge of human and artificial intelligence raised some important concepts.

BTS V in Singularity

It talked about how the combination of human and the AI would be an irreversible change and considered it an evolution. This will make the human realize that he is alone, singular and unique. 

The book is really deep and difficult to grasp yet RM perfectly got the point and wrote a whole song on it. What a genius!

How 'Singularity' incorporated the Book's theory?

BTS V in Singularity MV looking at the camera

Singularity is a song about someone who has awakened from a long sleep which had a sweet dream in it as the starting lyrics state 'A sound of something breaking, I awake from sleep'. Apparently, the person was trapped in a beautiful dream of romantic love.

Since, when someone is in love, they forget about their own self and do whatever they can to save love. But singularity and the whole BTS album showed how this becomes toxic.

BTS V in Singularity MV dancing

This is why V has finally woken up from this toxic love and have accepted his existence. He knows that he is singular, alone yet unique. The purple lights and the loved earring from Gucci shows that he knows that he is now loved. ''[...] can’t go to sleep'' depicts that how this change is irreversible and evolutionary.

The photos and the music video has perfectly captured the book's essence. What an amazing exhibition of art!

Final thoughts:

BTS V in Singularity MV

The dark and the bright lights have shown the reality being dominant with the traces of the dream. BTS has reflected the universal change effect from Kurzweil's book to the individual level.


Saying that this song is iconic is an understatement. We love how deeply ad beautifully BTS conveys the meaning through their photoshoots, videos, lyrics and themes. Absolutely stunning!

BTS V in Singularity MV

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments down below and check out 'Singularity' music video to better comprehend the hints hidden in the song.

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