Kim Taehyung with his iconic V pose

What is the 'V vibe check' and why are fans talking about it?

You know the feeling with your best friend when you see him/her and know what he/she is thinking about? BTS fans follow so closely their stars that they know everything about them just by watching a picture. Specially when the K-Pop band meets other stars like Billie Eilish or Conan Gray. Are you curious to see who made it to his bff list? Read below to find the answer!

  • The 5'10" tall singer, V, was able to get noticed by his favorite singer Alicia Keys. 
  • Born in 1995, V is actually a social butterfly. He has many celebrity friends, including the main actor, Choi Woo-Sik, from the Oscar film 'Parasite.'. 
  • The $20 million net worth holder, said in a previous interview that, he tends to observe people when he meets them initially. 

1. Billie Eilish

V smiling while he puts his hand on Billie's shoulder

Billie has been a BTS favorite artist for a while. Jungkook made a cute video dancing to her song, 'Bad Guy,' and it reached her. They finally met in 2019 at Variety's Hitmakers Brunch, and Taehyung totally vibed with her. He was comfortable enough to put his hand around her shoulder and even smiled in the pictures!

His smile of approval is what Armys trust ultimately. 

2. Ansel Elgort

V and RM hanging out with Ansel

V seemed really happy around him! He was one of the first western artists BTS befriended. V asked him to cheer for them during their performance, and he recorded them on his phone.

V asking Ansel to cheer for him

How cute! V and RM also spent a day hanging out with him. Isn't that a beautiful friendship? 

3. Conan Gray

V and Conan Gray interacting on Twitter

They haven't met, but they absolutely love each other. They are each other's fanboys. Not only that, but they are often tweeting each other's songs and talking about collaborating. We absolutely love their relationship! He passes Taehyung's vibe check before even meeting him. 

As you can see, there are only a few who pass his vibe check. It's because V can observe the one talking for attention and ones genuinely interested in them. Check out V's beautiful song Winter Bear below!

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