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What is our favorite line from BTS' new song 'Life Goes On'?

The amazingly talented K-pop boy band has released their new album for 2020. With the healing and soothing vibe, the songs are touching the hearts of the Army. We cannot stop listening to them over and over again. The heart-warming vocals, powerful lyrics and cozy looks are enough to make the fans' hearts melt. Even though each line of their main song 'Life Goes On' hits differently, but we still have selected our favorite line. So, scroll down to find out!  

  • BTS comprises the members V, Jimin, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin.
  • Group's estimated net worth is $450 million, and they are followed by more than 22 Million people on Twitter
  • In English, BTS stands for Beyond-the-scenes, while they are called Bangtan Soneyandon in
  • Korean, meaning  'Bullet Proof Boy Scouts'.
BTS' BE Concept Photo

As the MV has released, we cannot stop playing it repeatedly. The lyrics are so hopeful and comforting. Even the video is so cute. The song starts off with the fact that how Covid-19 kick off out of nowhere. We got up and found out that we need to stay inside our homes.


Just like us, BTS also felt 'soaked to the bone' in such hard times. The most relatable verse for us is 'There's no end in sight. Is there a way out?'


Do you remember feeling the same when this all started? Yes, most of us still feel the same. This is why BTS came back to remind us to not underestimate ourselves and stay optimistic.

Out of all the verses, our favorite one is

 'Let me tell you with this song
People say the world has changed
But thankfully between you and me
Nothing has changed'


This is the third verse of the song and is actually the rap part done by Suga. Just like all other verses this verse also invokes a sense of hopefulness. It tells us that no matter what, the relation between BTS and Army will never change.


The adoration and love are mutual between BTS and Army. Our worlds took a 180 degrees turn, people left, the weather changed, everyone felt alone but in all these happenings the connection of BTS and Army remained constant.

Truly, Army is the beloved for BTS. Army also love BTS the most. Thank you BTS for being the brightest star in Army's galaxy. We love you. We purple you!

Check the 'Life Goes On' music video and let us know what is your favorite line in the comments down below! 

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