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What is it like working with STRAY KIDS? Expert reveals the true group's dynamic

How did STRAY KIDS achieve mass popularity? A K-Pop expert has talked about the big effort of the members.

STAY -and even the general public- has a big nickname for STRAY KIDS: 4th generation leaders. Bang Chan, the leader of the group, didn't accept but no one can deny how important these artists are for the current Hallyu wave.

These good-looking Idols made music to conquer the world. Their music has the coolest beats. In addition to the talent and charisma of the members, the result is a powerful hit. STRAY KIDS discography is perfect.

STRAY KIDS members / Twitter @Stray_Kids

No matter if you're not part of the fandom, is impossible not to vibe with their addictive tracks. What is the secret behind their success? Here is the answer, a K-Pop expert has explained the strategy of the group.

STRAY KIDS works really hard to make its music

On July 15th the K-Pop instructor Choi Gwang Ho dropped an analytic video to talk about the results of the boy group during the first semester of 2022. According to Choi, male Idols sell more albums compared to the female group since their fandoms are bigger.

During his presentation, we can see that STRAY KIDS was one of the best-selling groups in this period. The group is already a million-seller act, so it is giving the member a stable place at the top of the K-Pop industry. Choi praised its outstanding performance.

To conclude, there were a lot of competitors, and STRAY KIDS managed to go straight up there in that kind of circumstances.

Choi added that he has worked with the members. He called them "The definition of a diligent group". Even in a world full of hardworking artists, STRAY KIDS puts a giant effort into its work, always with a positive mindset.

The expert concluded by saying that he is wishing the group can get even better results in the future. For sure STRAY KIDS will be even more popular in the next few months. Check the full video here.

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