Jay Park and BTS' Jungkook Jay Park and BTS' Jungkook

What is it like to meet BTS' Jungkook? Jay Park reveals details about their encounter

Recently, Jay Park met BTS' Jungkook. Are they working on a project together? Jay Park has talked about their encounter.

Just a few days ago BTS made the world crazy after announcing that the group will on a 'hiatus'. The members already clarified that they will be having more individual projects. Bangtan is not going away, they just will be dropping surprises as solo artists.

ARMY is really excited to see what things the Idols have prepared. J-Hope is getting ready to release a full album. V is coming back to the reality show with the whole Wooga Squad. Which member will be the next to reveal his plans?

BTS' Jungkook for 'Proof' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

Well, all the eyes are on Jungkook. The youngest of the groups had recorded a song in collaboration with Charlie Puth. Is he working on more collab projects?  Maybe Jay Park is giving hints to the world. This is what he said.

Jay Parks talks  about his meeting with BTS' Jungkook

On June 16th the American-Korean rapper Jay Park was on live broadcasting via Instagram. The artist was asked, "What was the emotion when you met Jungkook from BTS?". He answered with tons of praises for the Idol.

He is cool. He's super humble.

We are like ten years apart but, it was good vibes.

Jay Park's post / Instagram @moresojuplease

In April, the rapper dropped photos of him at the studio with Jungkook. Back then ARMY started suspecting a collab between these talented gentlemen. This time, maybe we are getting some hints. Jay Park concluded by saying:

I like his vocal tone

Jay Park talking about Jungkook / Twitter @taekook_latam

Is Jay Park confirming that they already recorded something? The fans are would be very happy to see this project come true. Can you imagine Jungkook's sweet voice with the insane raps of Park? It would be awesome, right?

Are you wishing for this collab to be real? Meanwhile, Jungkook finally announced his upcoming single "Left And Right". He is joining forces with Charlie Puth! Do you want to know more about it? We have all the information for you.

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