STRAY KIDS' first song STRAY KIDS' first song

What is STRAY KIDS debut song? This was their first track ever

Since your debut, STRAY KIDS conquered a lot of hearts, what was their first song?

Today we have a lot of STRAY KIDS songs, but what was the first one? With this they managed to stand out in K-Pop and win many fans.

STRAY KIDS is one of the most important groups in K-Pop right now. With their music and performances, these idols have conquered millions of fans around the world, they work hard on each comeback and tour to continue giving the best of themselves to the public.

The history of SKZ begins in 2017 when the group was finally created. Not without first going through the reality show 'Stray Kids' where the members who would be part of this great project were chosen. Since then, they have all worked hard together for STAY and it is something remarkable and bigger with each comeback.

STRAY KIDS idols have had a great history since their debut and today we can find in their discography a lot of great songs, tracks for all moods, moments, feelings and emotions. Every SKZ song comes with all the talent and effort of the group's artists.

But what was the first STRAY KIDS song? Here we tell you what was the track with which this great K-Pop group debuted.

What was the first STRAY KIDS song? The group debuted with this track

'Hellevator' can be considered as the first song from STRAY KIDS, although this was only revealed in November 2017 as a digital single. The first song SKZ had their official debut with was 'District 9'. This is how the idol group took the stage and began to conquer the entire public.

This was the debut of STRAY KIDS with 'District 9', although the idol group was already recognized for its digital single and the program where the idols had appeared before debuting.

 With which song did STRAY KIDS achieve their first win?

With 'MIROH', STRAY KIDS achieved their first win, it was in 2019 when the idol group managed to succeed in a Korean music program with said song. The members of SKZ were very excited when they received their grand prize after all their hard work.

So now you know more about some of the most important songs in the history of STRAY KIDS, these tracks really changed the course of the group and caught the attention of more fans at the time.

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