What is SEVENTEEN like when the members drink? This is Dino's funny episode

SEVENTEEN members are always full of positive energy on and off stage. The members have revealed a hilarious incident that happened while drinking together.

The Korean industry has tons of great groups that are always giving the best of themselves on the stage. It is common to see flawless and powerful performances by K-Pop artists. Among all these talented Idols SEVENTEEN stands out thanks to its energy and synchronization.

However, the unbelievable teamwork of the group is not exclusive to the work. The thirteen members have been practicing since they were pretty young. In their own words, they are like a real family.

SEVENTEEN members / Twitter @pledis_17

The strong friendship among the singer of "Ready To Love" is quite evident. Anyways, CARAT is always happy to hear more about their time off cameras together. There is no doubt, these talented gentlemen know pretty well how to have fun in their free time. Let's check this story.

SEVENTEEN reveals hilarious incident about Dino

On June 5th SEVENTEEN's DK, Seungkwan, and Jeonghan were on Vlive to celebrate the end of HOT's promotions. The Idols were talking with the fans while eating and drinking. Then, Jeonghan shared a funny story that involves Dino.

Jeonghan's photo / Twitter @fearlesscarat21

Back then, THE8, Dino, and Jeonghan went out for a drink. Until 2 to 3 AM they decide to go back home. Jeonghan showed a picture of himself kneeling to Dino to get him in the taxi because the Maknae wanted to leave on his own.

SEVENTEEN talking about the incident / Twitter @Mi_Ju17

On June 7th, during live broadcasting, the members talked about it again. Here Dino explained his side of the story. The Idol said that he wasn't drunk he just thought it would be easier to have a taxi from an app.

After releasing that the taxi driver was upset for waiting, Jeonghan started to beg Dino. He said he couldn't let him by himself, he wanted to take care of Dino but the youngest didn't understand why he was so obsessed to take in the car.

Meanwhile, TH8, the one who watched and took that picture, added that he was shocked by how stubborn both of them were. In the end, Dino confessed that when they get home he was really moved to know that Jeonghan could do everything to protect him.

CARAT, what do you think about this story?

SEVENTEEN is always fun. Read this article about the adorable interaction of Seungkwan and ASTRO's Moonbin.

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