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What is Jisoo's weird drinking habit?

Are you ready to take a few shots of Vodka with Jisoo? The Blackpink star revealed a strange way her body reacts to alcohol. Since Korean fans are heavy drinkers, this news spiked their interest. Can the world-famous singer handle her liquor? Read below to find out! 

  • Blackpink had a drinking ban till 2018. YG Entertainment has strict rules about drinking. 
  • In an interview with Elle, Jisoo revealed she liked drinking champagne after a tiring day.
  • The 26-year-old actress told that she enjoys drinking with her group members the most.
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Everyone has different drinking habits. Some people cry, while some party! Which one of them are you? Korean fans were surprised to find out the global star's habit is neither of those.

Are you curious to find out what it is? 

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'I drink one sip and get sleepy' Jisoo told a fan from Seoul in a video call.

During Blackpink's 2021 Season Greetings fan sign, the singer revealed her strange habit. She said that she drank wine and fell asleep while watching ‘Harry Potter'. Watch the full interaction here!

What a unique drinking habit, isn't it? 

Jisoo for Harper's Bazaar 2021

 'The members tell me not to drink since I fall asleep quickly', the multi-talented singer added.

Her group members discourage her from drinking on occasions! I'm sure it’s hard for them to manage a sleepy Jisoo walking around! Aww, it seems like alcohol makes the K-pop idol drowsy.

Can you relate to her struggle?


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 Koreans are known to be heavy drinkers. However, for the singer, it seems like the situation is reversed. She strangely falls asleep after one sip. Do you have any weird drinking habits? Let us know in the comments below!

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