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What is BTS' V's personality like? A makeup artist reveals everything

Are you curious about how BTS members behave when the cameras are off? A makeup artist has talked about the sweet personality of V.

Social media is one of the most important factors for the close relationship between BTS and ARMY. As you may know, the members of the K-Pop sensation are constantly talking with the fans via Weverse or Twitter.

Even if their label is revealed a lot of content about the group that shows the behind of stages preparations the fandoms always want more. 

On Youtube, you can find tons of videos where we can see how the members interact with each other. Most of the time they play around and work hard at the same time. However, ARMY wants to know what happens when the cameras are off. 

BTS for 'Proof' / By @BIGHIT_MUSIC

This makeup artist is telling us everything about the true personality of V.  Here's all the information.

Makeup artist reveals the true personality of BTS' V

Recently a Mongolian makeup artist that worked on the music video for "ON" dropped a video on Youtube to talk about her experience with BTS. She shared that after 4 days of filming she released how hardworking the members are.

V for 'ON' / By @aegyovante

About V, she explained that the Idol is even more beautiful in person. According to the stylist, Taehyung could be the most observant member. He paid attention to the work of the staff in charge of taking care of their wardrobe and the makeup artist is thankful for it. She added:

I thought it was cool that he noticed such a small detail.

V and Rina / By @jmfilter21

She also mentioned how V was taking care of the little girl that worked in the music video. Rina spent a lot of time with the Idol all over the set. He was calling her his little sister. The stylist revealed a sweet moment about it.

It was a very hot and sunny day when we filmed so the staff would come with an umbrella for him but he put it over Rina. I think he is such a sweet gentleman.

Such a sweetheart! What do you think about it? Check the full video on the Oono Oyunjargal Youtube channel.

BTS just drops new concept photos for the upcoming album "Proof". We have all the details for you.

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