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What is BTS' RM & Suga music style? Epik High's Tablo describes the Idols

Epik High is one the most important groups for Hip Hop in Korea. Tablo has revealed a little bit about his relation with BTS and their music.

At the beginning of BTS' career the group used to have a strong image inspired by Hip Hop. Its debut song "No More Dream" was really powerful because of the fierce raps of RM, Suga and J-Hope.

With time Bangtan changed their style for something more soft and melodic sometimes. However, since almost half of the group are rappers their music still has those insane Hip Hop vibes.

Previously the talented rappers of this group have revealed that they were inspired by one of the most iconic rappers trio in Korea: Epik High. Recently Tablo was asked about this topic, this is what he said.

BTS' rappers / By @GirlWithLuv_24

Epik High's Tablo talks about the music style of RM and Suga.

During a recent interview with Tablo, the leader of Epik High, the rapper was asked about his influence on BTS. According to Suga he was inspired by the song of the trio "Fly" and by their whole music. About this topic Tablo said:

They said they were influenced by Epik High's music ,mbut what's cool about BTS is that it creates songs from that inspiration and influences a lot of people. It's very strange and I'm grateful.

Epik High's Tablo / By @blobyblo

The artist continued explaining the styles of RM and Suga. He was asked: What kind of music do you feel influenced BTS such as sound and lyrics?. This was his answer:

I  think the lyrics are the biggest. In the case of Suga, I think he accepted my thoughts positively. Suga has an atmosphere like a leading hero.

On the other hand RM seems to be a literary boy who quietly changes the world. Epik High has both images so it may have touched their hearts.

In 2019 Suga was the producer for Epik High's song "Eternal Sunshine". Tablo explained that he wanted to work with the Idol because he is very good at making music and eventually a good song was made. Suga has been a listener of the Hip Hop trio since he was a kid. Tablo added:

He is inspired by various things and builds a  very vast and mysterious world. BTS seems to be heading towards an infinite world.

The rapper finished talking about how BTS and Epik High support each other on social media for every single project they release. Tablo is really grateful.

Epik High and BTS / By @BTS_MXCO

Can you feel the influence of Epik High in RM and Suga's music?

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