Everything about BLACKPINK's lightstick Everything about BLACKPINK's lightstick

What is BLACKPINK lightstick called? This is an essential accessory for BLINK

Like any K-Pop group, BLACKPINK has its own lightstick so that BLINK shines at each concert, what is the name of this accessory?

Have you already been to a BLACKPINK concert? In these events it is important to carry the official lightstick of the girl group, do you know what it is and what it is called?

Going to a concert is one of the best experiences in the world and if BLACKPINK is your favorite K-Pop group, then you want to go to one of these events and see the girls shine on stage and in front of your very eyes. The idol group has already visited many countries on their tours.

So BLINK from many parts of the world have been able to enjoy the idol group live and direct, a moment in which they share time with many more fans, sing every song in the setlist and see the BP idols give a simply amazing and unforgettable show.

And for K-Pop concerts there is a very important accessory, the lightsticks that will illuminate the public in each of these events. Each group has its own, specially designed for the fandom and with representative elements of the girl group or boy band.

BLACKPINK has its own lightstick, do you know what it is and what it's called? Here we tell you more about this great accessory for BLINK.

What is BLACKPINK's lightstick? This is the name of this important accessory

BI-Ping-Bong is the name of BLACKPINK's lightstick, this not only has a great name, it also has a unique design as it is a type of hammer made with pink hearts. The handle and other parts of the accessory are black, putting both colors of the girl group on it.

BLACKPINK's lightstick | Twitter: @K_SeoulShopPH

Do you already have this important BLACKPINK accessory for BLINK? You can buy it at the official girl group stores. It has two versions although they are almost the same, only Version 1 could stand on its own, while Version 2 needs a base to stand on.

Who designed the BLACKPINK lightstick?

 According to YG Entertainment, the members of BLACKPINK were the ones who designed their own lightstick. The idols had different ideas that came together to create this accessory, so this makes it even more special.

BLACKPINK members designed their own lightstick | Twitter: @thesehoux

The BI-Ping-Bong is just very special and BLINK must have it in their collection and ready for when BLACKPINK announce their world tour and come to their fans' hometown.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, here we tell you who are the idols' siblings, do you wanna know more about them?

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