What happened to Yuta in NEO CITY:JAPAN - THE LINK What happened to Yuta in NEO CITY:JAPAN - THE LINK

What happened to Yuta at NCT 127's concerts in Japan? NCTzen is angry for this reason

NCT 127's dome tour has started but Japan's NCTzen isn't too happy with Yuta's treatment

NCTzen noticed that a big exception was made for Yuta at their biggest concert in Japan and this is something NCT 127 fans won't miss.

NCT is a great K-Pop group, not only because it has more than 20 members, but also because all of them are extremely talented and dedicated to their music. Among the alienation of this idol group we will find different subunits that show us more of the brilliance of their idols.

One of the subunits of Neo Culture Technology is NCT 127. This group is made up of 10 members and as you may know, they have different nationalities since the idol group has boys from Korea, China, Japan and even the United States among its lineup.

One of the Japanese members of NCT 127 is Yuta, who has shown us all his great talent as a singer and dancer. He also just made his acting debut in Japanese cinema and this represents a great pride for NCTzen and his country. Precisely, the idol group is on its dome tour of Japan.

But something happened during NCT 127's last concert in Japan that upset NCTzen, the way they treated Yuta was not right and NCT fans are making themselves heard.

Japan's NCTzen shows their anger at Yuta's treatment at NCT 127's latest concert of NEO CITY: JAPAN THE LINK!

NCT 127 is on their Japan tour 'NEO CITY: JAPAN THE LINK!', the most recent date of these shows was broadcast on TV for Japanese fans and online for international fans. At the end of this concert, all the members of the idol group were focused while saying goodbye to the public, except Yuta. This angered NCTzen, mainly from Japan, to see how it was possible for Nakamoto Yuta to receive this treatment even in his home country.

Yuta received a bad treatment in their Japan concert | Twitter: @50_181cm78kg

Many fans were saddened by this situation and have launched their complaints to SM Entertainment, as they should give Yuta the same importance as all other NCT 127 members.

NCTzen is also sad that Yuta had to leave Japan and return to Korea

Today it was also learned that Yuta had left Japan and returned to Korea, this made many fans sad because they know how happy the idol is to be in his country, and seeing him return is even confusing for many NCTzens. They have also released their complaints about SM Entertainment and their decisions about the Japanese idol.

Yuta when he got back to Korea | Twitter: @NCT127_PH

We hope that what NCTzen writes for SM will be read and the company will give Yuta a better deal because this idol really deserves it.

Keep reading more about the Japanese idols in K-Pop, some of them are in oor favorite K-Pop groups and they shine bright even outside their country. 

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