Bang Chan underwent surgery Bang Chan underwent surgery

What happened to STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan? He's recovering from surgery

Why did Bang Chan have surgery? STRAY KIDS leader confessed to STAY the reason he visited the hospital

Bang Chan always keeps in touch with STAY and this is why the STRAY KIDS leader decided to be honest with his fandom and tell them about his surgery.

STRAY KIDS is a great K-Pop group that works hard on every song, comeback, and performance for their fans. They really put their all into it whenever they take to the studio and stage. Bang Chan leads this idol group even before its formation. His time as a trainee in JYP gave him tools to lead his team.

Bang Chan is a great leader, he cares about everything that has to do with SKZ. First of all, he works on the group's songs, writes, composes and produces them. He is also always aware of his members, listens to others and gives them his place. And last but not least, he is always in touch with STAY.

Through special social networks like Bubble and also on VLive with his weekly show 'Chan's Room', where Chan usually spends a lot of time with his fans. Talking about music, giving advice, telling more about his work and life for all of STAY.

This time, Bang Chan opened up to STAY and told his fans something that made them a bit worried. What happened to the leader of STRAY KIDS? He had to undergo surgery for this reason.

STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan had to undergo surgery and is now recovering

Bang Chan told STAY that he had a big problem with sinusitis, a condition in which the airways, and especially the nose and cheeks, are often filled with mucus. This was causing the idol discomfort and so on, so he had to undergo surgery to alleviate the illness. He says it was a mini-surgery and he is quickly recovering.

Chan also said that his sister also has the same problem, which may be genetics. So we hope that now Bang Chan is feeling better and this disease has subsided with her surgical procedure.

Bang Chan may have to undergo this surgery again to delete his illness

Bang Chan also said that this same procedure would have to be done again in the future, but he also had a warning from his doctor that if he didn't improve the situation with these 'mini-surgeries' they would have to fix his nose completely, which It would be a longer procedure. Though we hope Chan doesn't have to go through this.

Bang Chan might have the same surgery once more | Twitter: @BCHANFEED

We all hope Chan makes a good recovery and the sinusitis stops bothering him. It's sad that he has to go through these procedures, but at least he got through it and energized himself with food. We hope that he also rests well these days.

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