What's BTS Muster? What's BTS Muster?

What does BTS Muster mean? The meaning of this important event for ARMY

Have you heard of Muster from BTS? This is its meaning and what Bangtan does in this event

BTS celebrates Muster every year, what does this word and its event really mean? Get to know more about this K-Pop group.

BTS always gives their best for their fandom, the group has shown their best songs, performances and more for the loyal fans who always show their love and support for the boy band. ARMY is one of the largest fanbases in the world and it is thanks to all their love that Bangtan has achieved so much success.

Also, everyone knows the excellent teamwork of Bangtan Sonyeondan and ARMY very well. This is why the love of both is reciprocated and is always reflected in the actions of the idols for their fans. Whether in person or virtually, it shows how grateful the Bangtan artists are to their fans.

Although we can say that music is something very important in K-Pop, so is the relationship with the fans and the events that are prepared for them. You will already know the fansings and fanmeetings if you have been listening to this musical genre for a long time. And there is no exception with the Bangtan Boys, they also have their special moments for ARMY.

You may have heard of 'Muster', what is this and what does it have to do with BTS? It is something that ARMY celebrates every year and there is much more about it that you can know.

Everything about BTS' MUSTER, get to know the meaning of this event and why it is so important for ARMY

'MUSTER' means 'an assembly of troops', it's the annual fanmeeting that BTS celebrates with ARMY, this is usually a long event with many activities for idols and fans.They usually perform their songs on stage, do some dynamics and games and share time with their fans. This event is usually held in South Korea.

This is what Muster means | Twitter: @btsupdates7x

BTS' first 'MUSTER' was held in 2014 and has been held year after year without fail ever since. In this event, ARMY shares the best moments with Bangtan Sonyeondan. 

Where can you watch BTS MUSTER?

For past editions, BTS only used to hold their fanmeeting with Korean ARMYs and then release a DVD so that fans around the world could see what happened during their fanmeeting. But in 2020 and 2021, MUSTER was broadcast live online and they were events without an audience, so fans from all over the world could enjoy. So you can watch the recordings of these events on DVD or Blue-ray.

BTS tends to release the DVD of MUSTER | Twitter: @kookgibuys

Since the MUSTERS with live streaming were a success, it may be a modality that will stay forever and after a few months BTS will release the DVD of it so that ARMY can add it to their collection.

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