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What does BTS' J-Hope's studio smell like? This scent inspired the 'Arson' candle

J-Hope dropped an interesting merchandise collection to celebrate its album "Jack In The Box". Here is what he said about the "Arson" candle.

J-Hope's creativity is out of this world! His music is always showing something new. That's why there were high expectations for his first album. Well, the main dancer of BTS didn't disappoint, "Jack In The Box" is a masterpiece.

The flawless production of this project is the perfect background for the deep tracks messages. The rapper is exploring his honest throughs with his lyrics. Is really hard to choose a favorite song!

J-Hope for 'Arson' / Twitter @bts_bighit

You can find many metaphors in his music and videos. J-Hope was involved in every single detail of the production, including the art and merchandise. The Idol also prepared unique products for the fans. One of those is sharing the scent that inspires him.

J-Hope talks about the scent that inspired 'Arson'

As soon as Jack in The Box was released, J-Hope announced a merchandise collection designed by him to share more of the album with ARMY. The favorite ones are the musical box and a candle called 'Arson'.

J-Hope talking about 'Jack In The Box' / Twitter @bgtjoys

Hoseok revealed that the smell is inspired by pop art, just like the image he wanted for the album. The rapper explained that the candle scent even the color of the album mint green and pink. Apparently, he got the inspiration for this smell.

I smelled this scent in different studios in the States. Or even in the bathroom. [...] It's a scent that I've smelled often in studios or select shops.

'Arson' candle / Twitter @gcfortkyo

Since the talented Idol was surrounded by this scent while recording the album, ARMY is pretty curious. Weverse describes the candles as wood musk blended with vanilla for the base nore, spicy balsam and soft jasmine for the middle note, and powdery scent for the top note.

Also, we have to mention the perfect design, the candle looks amazing with the logo of Arson. It reflects perfectly the vibes of the single. J-Hope worked very hard for his solo album. Would you like to have the candle?

J-Hope is breaking a new record on Spotify with this single. We have all the information for you. 

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