How do BTS members look like in person? How do BTS members look like in person?

What do the members of BTS look like in person? This dancer reveals it

Are the members of BTS very different in person than in their photos? Discover all its secrets through this dancer's experience with them

Are BTS members very different in person? Perhaps the camera doesn't capture the true beauty and essence of these idols, but this dancer told everything about the moment in which she met them.

For ARMY it would be a dream to meet the members of BTS, perhaps it would be the coolest experience in the world for fans of this K-Pop group. Although perhaps it is something difficult to live since the artists of this boy band do not usually appear very often in public places.

And it is that Bangtan Sonyeondan is recognized worldwide and it could be difficult that somewhere they are not a crowd comes to see them and want to take a picture with them or get an autograph. But there have been fans who have been able to meet them at fan meetings, concerts and fasings.

And perhaps the camera does not do justice to the beauty and characteristics of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan, which is why it is much better to meet them in person and know what they look like in real life. What they are like, more about their physical characteristics and their personality.

And although not all of us have the fortune to meet them in person, we can know what the members of BTS are like with the stories, anecdotes and experiences of people who share them. Like this dancer who worked with the idol and so she talked about them

A dancer reveals what BTS idols look like in person, this is what shocked her the most

A BTS backup dancer talked about how the group's idols look in person. She worked with the idol group in one of her performances, her name is Bibi and she has a YouTube channel where she shared her experience with the boy band.

Bibi revealed that RM and Jin were very tall, Jungkook has a babyface that she just loved; to the dancer, Jimin looked cute. While J-Hope looked very handsome, about Suga she said that he looked like art in real life, OMG. About V she said that he was a very cute person who even interacted with all the dancers.

 Now you know a little more about what the members of BTS look like in person thanks to Bibi, we hope that very soon you will be able to meet them or see them up close at a concert.

One of the members of BTS is the most handsome idol in real life

Once, a staff member of a music show revealed that BTS V was the most handsome idol he had seen in person, OMG, the visuals of this Bangtan member shocked this man who did not hesitate to confess his opinion about this K-Pop artist.

The visuals of the members of BTS are really amazing and although the photos sometimes reflect their beauty very well, in real life it can be even more impressive to see them.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Jungkook whose grandma's house was kinda doxed and this made ARMY upset. 

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