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What did BTS members study?

Did you know that BTS members like Jin, RM and Jungkook went to college? The K-Pop singers managed to enroll in university courses even with their super busy schedules. They have certainly set an example for their fans by pursuing their studies in different fields. Check out what they chose below!

  • The eldest member, Jin, was the first to complete his university degree on film studies in February 2017 at Konkuk University in Seoul. 
  • All BTS members have graduated from high school. 
  • RM reportedly learned English during his childhood by watching the popular sitcom “Friends.”


Jin at his graduation

Jin attended the Konkuk University, majoring in a degree in Art and Acting. In February 2017, he graduated from the university, becoming the first BTS member to have a university qualification. Unable to attend the actual graduation ceremony, the BTS members and BigHit team arranged a live stream broadcast ceremony for him. He later enrolled in the Hanyang Cyber University to further pursue other fields.


RM at his highschool graduation

The group’s leader Namjoon stands distinctly in regard to education. With an exceptionally high IQ of 148, RM is considered to be a genius. In his university entrance exams, he was in the top 1% of the nation. However, realizing his passion for pop music and lyrics writing, the rapper decided to bring his education to a pause for a while, but he is back at it. He goes to online clases at Global Cyber University, majoring in electronic engineering.

V and Jimin

BTS at the UN

The other members of the group, following the footsteps of their eldest member, also decided to complete their university degree. Previously, V and Jimin both attended the same high school: Korean Arts High School. They graduated in 2014. After graduating from high school, both of them enrolled in the Global Cyber University, getting their degree in Broadcast & Entertainment in August 2020.


Jungkook at the Beakyang Elementary School

The youngest member, Jungkook, graduated from the Seoul School of Performing Arts in 2017. All band members attended his high school graduation ceremony as proud hyungs!   

Master’s degree

BTS members posing for Festa Event 2021

RM, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, and V have now enrolled in the Hanyang Cyber School, where they are reportedly pursuing the MBA program in Advertising and Media. Also, Jungkook is currently enrolled in the Global Cyber University, pursuing also degree in Entertainment and broadcasting. Undoubtedly, BTS has set an inspiration for their fans and other fellow artists that no obstacle can be big enough to stop one from achieving what they put their mind to!

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