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What are 'sasaeng' fans and how much money they spend in following their K-Pop idols?

Are you a crazy K-pop fan who can go to lengths just to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity? Well if so then let me inform you that being a fierce fan is not all that will work, you need plenty of money too. Scroll down to unravel the cost and the only way of following a Korean star!  

  • In Korea, fans who chase or try to invade the privacy of their idols to gain individual attention are called sasaengs.
  • As per the estimate of managers of the Korean stars, every popular celebrity has an average of 500 to 1000 sasaeng fans.
  • They are mostly female fans who cross boundaries and may nearly involve in criminal acts to gain a moment of the attention of their favorite actor/singer. 


Sasaengs chase BTS boys

A moment of interaction, an autograph, and a selfie is what every human being existing on this planet dreams of having from their favorite celebrity, someone they idealize every day. But once they reach a certain level of fame, it's hard to catch them. They hardly appear in public places, let alone meeting their fans.

What do Sasaengs do?

Blackpink girls pose for a picture in front of the huge crowd

But true fans always find a way out, for sure! Therefore, to see their favorite idols, Koreans started portraying unusual behavior, especially as the rise of K-pop began in the 1990s. Though the term was formed later around the year 2001, the traits were already there. 
Sasaeng is more like a network of fans who are in queue to be recognized and remembered by their idols more than the other.

BTS boys clicking a selfie with fans

In this quest, they go to lengths and may go below the belt to achieve the goal. In 2012, Yoochun, a member of the boy band JYJ, received a slap from a sasaeng. The fan in defense said that the act was carried out because he wanted Yoochun to remember him forever. 
It is quite hilarious, however, it can be life-threatening at times for celebrities. Watch NCT's dealing with these chasers. 

Sasaeng Taxi's

Now what's that, you must be thinking. There are always ideas and evolution in whatever comes into existence. Sasaengs, after reaching a certain level of expertise, start to offer their services to other fans in exchange for money. There are special taxis that follow these celebrities.

Cost of one day in a sasaeng Taxi

GOT7 boys pose for a photo

While you may think it's just a day of surfing around the town, and it won't cost a lot, let me just pop the bubble for K-pop maniacs. It costs a whopping Six Hundred Dollars to chase your idol. Yes! These taxis charge more than half a thousand dollars for the service. That's crazy, for sure. But crazier is the fact that people still avail these services.

Jennie greeting a fan

It's such a vicious cycle that first, you're doing an act of crime by breaking into someone's privacy. It in return costs what a lot of people can't afford, so they fall into illegal activities to gather the money to carry out this plan.  Watch what the fans have done to become noticeable to their idol.

Rose interacting with public at an event

We are better off with listening, dancing, and jamming to their songs and dramas, honestly. I think instead of wasting your time and invading their privacy, it would be better if people supported them with the same money by buying their albums, merch and helping them online.

Watch the loyal fandom of K-Pop.

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