RM and his bike in Life Goes On MV

The story behind RM's dusty bike in 'Life Goes On' MV!

The day has arrived when we are blessed with the art BTS has been working on for months. The new album 'BE' is out and it is full of personal touches from the boys. They also released the official music video for their title track 'Life Goes On' which they have been teasing us with in this past week. Safe to say, the wait was worth it, and seeing such a beautifully shot music video brought many to tears. One particular scene that hit hard was of RM and his bike. Find out here what that signifies!

  • RM (Rap Monster) is the stage name of Kim Nam-joon. He is also called 'Namjoon'
  • He is the group leader of BTS: a South Korean boy band
  • RM's age is 26 years old
  • Namjoon's net worth is said to be $20 million
RM at 'BE' Album Release Press Conference

'BE' is out and it is everything we expected it to be! In the press conference prior to 'BE' release, RM described the message behind their main track 'Life Goes On'. He said the message was that 'no matter what happens, life still goes on'.

The theme might be a serious one, but they tried their best to add comforting consolidations to it with their harmonies and aesthetics. Director Jungkook gets the credit for the wholesome and emotional music video. He mentions he included RM and his bike because he knew how much RM is attached to his bike. 

Namjoon brushing the dust off his bike with his fingers is one major scene that hit hard in the Music Video of 'Life Goes On'. It symbolizes how Covid-19 stopped everyone from going outside to do their favorite activities. Hence, this shot was more emotional because in normal times RM wouldn't ever let dust settles on his bicycle. He would be carelessly riding it each day.

 Though the music video might make us emotional, the BTS boys will always be here to cheer up with their jokes. In BTS VLIVE: 'Life Goes On' Comeback, they discuss RM and his bike scene. The rest of the BTS boys joked about how in real life, RM would not even care about wiping the dust with his hands. They exposed RM by saying, he would just sit on the dusty bike and remove the dust by sitting. 

Watch the iconic RM and his bike scene in the Life Goes On Music Video below!

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