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The BTS future wife predictions for 2021!

Imagine waking up one day to the news of BTS members’ weddings! As much as it is going to make some fans sad knowing their idols are not single anymore, we will be happy to see our idols as grooms! Have you ever wondered what their future partners will look like? Continue reading to find out the possible characteristics of each rapper's future partner. 

  • BTS debuted in 2013 with their song ‘No More Dream’
  • Since then, the seven-member boy band has garnered a fan base of over 30 million people!
  • Each of the $20 million worth K-pop idol is currently single and has never been involved in any romantic rumors 
  • However, it is hard to believe they will remain single forever!



Namjoon in Dear Class of 2020 video

Ho do you think RM will marry? Well, definitely someone who is as smart as he is, so they can have deep and meaningful discussions with each other. He appreciates more a brain than good looks. He likes people with long legs and long hair. From all BTS members he is the most likely to marry a foreigner considering he is the most fluent in English


Suga's photoshoot with weverse magazine

Now what about Suga’s future partner? His partner is going to be very empathetic and passionate. It needs to be someone who loves to stay at home, like he does.
His partner will also be very political and activist like him. He is likely to marry someone who is a Korean, but we all know that he is very fluent in English, so he might surprise us!


Jhope x Dispatch

His partner is definitely going to be an exciting, fun-loving, and adventurous woman! We know J-Hope has a bright personality that cheers everyone up, and we expect the same of his partner. Just like him, the rapper’s partner will probably be skilled at dancing. 


V wearing a headband

V doesn't care about age. He tends to follow his heart and therefore, is the most difficult to predict. V also revealed that he found American fans cute! What we certainly know is that he loves humble and independent women like him!


Jeon Jungkook

Well, we all know how much he adores IU. But sadly, they will never get married. The feelings are really just those of a fan towards his idol. His wife is going to be a beauty, funny and entertaining woman. Probably also from the K-Pop industry. Maybe one of the fans?



He likes women who follow their heart and not the rules.  She needs to be courageous and love him unconditionally (this condition is easy to find). Considering that he loves to be in control, she needs to be more innocent than him.


The oldest BTS member Jin

Definitely a Korean girl because he has been raised in a very traditional household.
His older brother also married a Korean woman. Jin doesn't care about the girl’s financial background: he is a multi-millionaire and his family was already wealthy. Did you know his dad is the CEO of an electronics company and owns several restaurants?



As a fan, I can’t wait for our rap line to get married soon! It would be amazing to see them start their families and receive the love and support that they deserve. Knowing how much RM loves kids, I really hope he becomes a dad soon and gets to spoil his children to the fullest! Which member’s wedding are you the most excited about?

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