Aespa performing live.

Watch K-pop group Aespa's first incredible live performance

Sm Entertainment's new girl group broke all rookie records in the K-pop music genre. The video for the song "Black Mamba" got more than 10 million views in just 10 hours. Since November 17, the Aespa girls have been presenting their song in different stages but what you will see if you scroll down is the first real interpretation of the group since its debut.

  • Aespa is the first girl group of the company founded by Lee Soo Man since 2014 when "Red Velvet" debuted.
  •  Six years were enough for SM to come up with the brilliant idea of bringing together four very talented girls and assigning an avatar to each one in order to have a closer and more personal relationship with the fans. 
  • This is how the concept of Aespa arises, which promises a unique experience of augmented reality.

Why do idols lip-sync?

Aespa's real and virtual members.

K-pop bands often lip-sync their live performances.

This is something known and accepted by the fans and is probably the product of the great demand that involves doing incredible choreographies and singing at the same time.

In all the performances we've seen from Aespa so far, Karina, Ning Ning, Giselle, and Winter seem to do playback.

Aespa girls finally performed a 100% live

Aespa before their SNS' Music Bank performance.

However, in the group's presentation on the Music Bank show, we could enjoy their voices live.

The visuals and vocals of Aespa are insane.

Ning Ning's voice stands out among her bandmates.

Ning Ning at the ende of the performance.

The choreography of "Black Mamba" is really impressive.

This new band from SM Entertainment is really promising to stick around for a while.

Personally, I can't wait to discover the new single from the Aespa girls.

Watch their performance on SNS' Music Bank below!


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