Watch K-Pop bands EXO and Aespa together for the first time

Girl group aespa will be making their global debut on November 17 with the song “Black Mamba”. Boy group EXO is one of the most relevant of the South Korean music scene. They both belong to SM Entertainment and have teamed up for a spectacular collaboration. Read on for all the details.  

  • EXO made its debut in April 2012 with the hit song “Mama”. 
  • Aespa is SM's new girl group and is due to be released on November 17th. This group will be combining real performers with avatars and it's a game-changer for the industry of entertainment. 
  • On November 1st one member of each group got together to promote Hyunday's new car Tucson at a special event where they showed their best moves on the dance floor.
  • Aespa's debut video "Black Mamba" got 4 million views within three hours from its release!
Karina and Kai

Aespa's Karina and EXO's Kai met on the dance floor in front of Hyundai's new Tucson.

A special online event gave us this great show of talent.

SM took the opportunity to promote their new girl group Aespa, which was about to launch worldwide and promises to be a great success.

Hyundai's event poster.

Everything seems to indicate that Karina could be the leader of the band.

The 20-year-old singer from South Korea showed off all her dancer skills alongside the already super famous idol, 26-year-old singer and dancer Kim Jong-in AKA Kai from the famous K-Pop band EXO.

Karina posing with the Tucson.

Surely this is only the first of several collaborations that will take place between these two groups.

One hand washes the other they say and in this case, one group promotes the other.

In any case, the expectations of the audience about aespa are very high and in the collaboration of last November 1st, an allusion was made to the hybrid character that the new band intends to impose.

The new girl group aespa.

Combination of virtual reality and tangent world. It's brilliant, and we're looking forward to the announced premiere of aespa.

We will keep you posted, meanwhile enjoy the video.


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