BTS giving an interview, getty images BTS giving an interview, getty images

Watch BTS' motivating speech to students before their exams!

The K-pop boy band BTS is famous for being the nicest to their fans, Army. Healing and calming with their songs, the boys try to stay connected to their fans. They always associate their accomplishments with the Army by considering it their love and effort. Since it's December and most of the students around the world are going to take their exams, the members have a message for them. Scroll down to find out!

  • In Korean, BTS is called 'Bangtan Soneyandon' meaning Bullet Proof Boy scouts.
  • BTS comprises the members, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.
  • The Grammy-nominated artists have a net worth of $450 million while all of them are in their 20s.
  • On Twitter, BTS is followed by more than 22 million followers and the band treats their Army in the best way possible.

CSAT, the College Scholastic Ability Test is just around the corner, so the members turned on the camera to give a message to the student Armys. We all needed this!

Jimin's message:

BTS Jimin

Jimin, being the angel, advised the student army to not be anxious and do their best. This is honestly such a hard time. We all freak out at just the thought of sitting in the exam hall. 
'I hope you don’t get too anxious about it. It’s not the last test you’ll take in your life. Just do your best and leave no regrets as it won’t be your last.' -Jimin

Suga's message:

BTS Suga

Suga asked the Army to calm and stay healthy. We all know that Suga always talks about prioritizing health over studies. So this time he advises the students to not take any pressure which could take a toll on their health. The exam pressure for sure affects the physical and mental health so hear out Suga's advice, Army!

'Don't forget to stay healthy. Don't get nervous.' - Suga

Jin's message:


Army, do you know how important a sound sleep is? And especially the day before the test. It improves test performance. So Jin conveyed the message of taking a proper rest before the exam and believing in oneself.

'Getting good sleep is important. It’s important not to get nervous, and just do what you’ve always done.' - Jin

V's message:


Taehyung talked about treating yourself once you are done with your exams. Well, its a must to be kind to yourself once you are done taking some major exam. And yes student Army, you deserve to give yourself a pat for your hard work.

'When the CSAT is over, go and eat something delicious'. -V 

J-Hope's message:

BTS J-Hope

J-Hope wrapped up their short message by saying 'BTS supports you' and the boys cheered on the students by saying:
'We wish you nothing but the best. To everyone taking the CSAT, ‘Fighting‘!

We don't say that BTS is the best for no reason. They are actually the best boys ever! Thank you for this message, BTS. It will provide comfort to so many students taking their exams.

Check out the group's message and let us know what you think about it!

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