Jimin's funny comment on Taehyung's post Jimin's funny comment on Taehyung's post

Was Jimin exposing his staff on Instagram? His funny comment made everyone laugh

BTS members have a lot of fun on Instagram, not only with their posts but also with their comments and Jimin shows it this time

The interactions between BTS members on Instagram are hilarious, sometimes we don't even understand what's going on, since they have a lot of inside jokes, but here's something that Jimin commented and made everyone laugh, was he exposing his hairstylist?

BTS is a group full of talented guys which work hard in their music and performances, but not everything about this boy band is serious. The idols of this group have amazing personalities and charisma, we can tell that they're pretty funny so it'd be so cool to hang out with them.

Even if Bangtan Sonyeondan members are passionate and fierce on stage, when we see them on other contents like variety shows, interviews with activities, games and more, we can see that they tend to be relaxed and have lots of fun. Their friendship also shows more about their true way of being.

And now ARMY has a lot more of content since the idols opened their personal accounts on Instagram, all of their fans followed them and they've been quickly growing in the platform. Some of these idols are more active than others, they tend to post more or share Instagram stories with fans.

But we can highlight their comments too, they are so funny and this time Jimin wrote something that made ARMY laugh a lot, it was on a V's post where we can see part of his staff but also BTS manager, what was his comment?

Jimin's funniest comment on V's Instagram photo with his hairstylists and manager

Taehyung shared a mirror selfie while his hairstylists were working on him, but there's also his manager, in the photo you can't recognize the staff working on the idol, but the manager's identity wasn't cersored at all, so Jimin came up with this comment which made everyone laugh.

Hey, are you not going to protect our senior manager’s head

Jimin's comment on V's post | Instagram: @thv

 Not only ARMY, but J-Hope was laughing too, lol, since well... uhm, maybe V should've protected the manager's head, LOL.

But there was something funnier for Jimin about him commenting on Instagram

Then, Jimin added another comment to this post, he said that it was funny that they were commenting on the post while they were all together, LOL, ARMY thinks that this means they were hangin out together while commenting on V's post.

Jimin's other comment on the post | Twitter: Instagram: @thv

We love BTS' friendship, we can see their interactions online and in real life too, it's just amazing and how they get along so well! ARMY loves to see this kind of comments.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, or their staff too since a coreographer revealed how is it to work with these idols. 

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