Irene from Red Velvet.

Was Irene from Red Velvet difficult to work with in "Double Patty"?

Red Velvet's leader will be making her big screen debut in the movie "Double Patty" on February 17th and we can't wait to discover her acting skills. We also wonder if it was "difficult" to work with her, especially after the scandal that the idol faced in October 2020 due to her bad attitude in dealing with her collaborators. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Bae Joo-hyun, also known as Irene rose to fame in 2014 when she was cast in the girl group Red Velvet under the management of SM Entertainment.
  •  Shin Seung Ho is a 25-year-old Korean actor and model who decided to leave his career as a soccer player to dedicate himself to the world of entertainment.
  • Both will be starring in the romantic movie "Double Patty" which will be released on February 17th.
Double Patty promotional poster.

Red Velvet fans are eager to see the group's leader Irene debut on the big screen.

It will surely be interesting to see her in the role of a student who works in a restaurant to be able to pursue her professional dreams.

On the other hand we have the young actor Shin Seung Ho who will be the one who wins the heart of Hyun-Ji (Irene).

Could the 25-year-old actor actually win the idol's sympathy?

Irene from Red Velvet.

The red girl has a strong character, and she has shown it throughout the years.

Many have called her arrogant and unkind, especially because of the scandal in which Irene got involved in October 2020 when she was accused by a stylist of having mistreated him while they worked together.

The "Psycho" singer apologized publicly for her attitude through social media and promised fans that she would work on her lacks to be a better person and leader for Red Velvet.

On February 16th, Shin Seung Ho revealed how it was working with the 29-year-old artist during an interview with Xportsnews.

The actor pointed out that the chemistry between them was great and that Irene was extremely supporting at all times.

Apparently they both managed to connect in their scenes, thanks to the fact that they took the time to practice them together rather than separately.

This speaks of the idol's willingness to make the best of her relationship with her movie mate and how she really meant what she promised about changing her attitude.

We are looking forward to the premiere of Double Patty and stay tuned because we will be sharing the film's review here on yaay today.

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